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I came into the company after having been a celebrity. And now they wanted me to start at the bottom, sweeping floors or something.Well, I wouldn't do that, so there was always this undercurrent of resentment."The true story reveals that an estimated worldwide television audience of 90 million (50 million in the U.After retiring from professional tennis in 1959, Riggs' was given an executive position at the company, where he remained for a number of years, despite having little motivation to succeed as a businessman."You marry dough, and all you have to do is mess around," said Bobby Riggs in a July 1973 interview. I never had any initiative or drive to be a success in business.Riggs had challenged Billie Jean King before he played Margaret Court, but she had declined.

The match took place at the Houston Astrodome where 30,472 were in attendance, the largest audience to ever watch a tennis match in the United States. À la Cleopatra, Billy Jean King entered the tennis court on a feather-adorned litter carried by four muscular bare-chested men dressed like ancient slaves."Anything that's going to make you healthy and stronger, I'm going to go with it," said Riggs.Though he's seen taking bunches of pills at a time in the interview, it's likely that Riggs was exaggerating this as part of his act in the lead up to the Battle of the Sexes match. He was twice the United States singles champion, winning the US Open in 19. The match took place at the San Diego Country Estates, 38 miles northeast of San Diego.Connors was only allowed one serve per point and Navratilova was also given the advantage of being able to hit into half of the doubles alleys. In 1998, the Williams sisters each individually took on German Karsten Braasch, having claimed they could beat any male player outside the top 200.Braasch, then-ranked 203, beat Serena 6-1 and beat Venus 6-2.

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