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I see the notch, and am occasionally distracted by it, but here's what I've found: when an optimized i Phone app understands how to work within the confines of the notch, it's great.

Google Photos, for instance, works beautifully by using the notch area as an accent; everything important — tabs, search bars, dialog boxes — are all below it.

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OLED is a big point of discussion right now, but the reality is that there's nothing particularly special about the i Phone's Samsung-made OLED screen.Given the 00 price, though, I'm not about to use this thing without a case, so I won't be seeing much of that chrome, for better or worse.The i Phone X is also substantial — kind of like the Essential Phone in that regard.In fact, it is the best i Phone to date, and I've had a tremendous time with it, but it doesn't drastically change my opinion of the i Phone as a product, nor of i OS as an ecosystem. I disabled my fingerprint sensor on the Note 8 to see whether Samsung's iris scanner (which approaches the same security level as Face ID) could compete, and it just couldn't.That's not to say Google and its hardware partners can't stand to learn a few things from the i Phone X. And while Samsung's Face Recognition feature is indeed faster than iris scanning, it's also much less secure.

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