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Chronologic control is provided by radiocarbon dating of wood remains from buried soils (Ab horizons) and optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) dating of quartz grains from eolian sands. This record of eolian sedimentation may provide another metric for paleotempestology along coasts of eastern North America (cf. doi: 10.1016/j.yqres.20 Cross Ref Full Text | Google Scholar Toomey, M.

However, uncertainty remains if periods of increased storminess and/or hurricane landfalls for the exposed Cape Cod spit during the Holocene (Mann et al., 2009; Toomey et al., 2013) were of sufficient magnitude to disturb this forest ecosystem and reactivated dunes. Cape Cod with its limited topographic relief and dominance of pine forests is particularly susceptible to tree blow-down with Fujita scale winds 181 km/h; cf. Tropical storms of hurricane intensity are known to blow down large forest areas along tracks that are 50–100 km in width and extend for 100s of kilometers in New England (Foster et al., 2006, p. Specifically, nearly 100% of pine stands older than 20 years were damaged by a hurricane in 1938 that impacted central New England, whereas hardwood stands were less effected (Foster, 1988). Sedimentary structures of cold-climate coastal dunes, eastern Hudson-Bay, Canada. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-3091.1995.tb00405.x Cross Ref Full Text | Google Scholar Sala, O. The mound and pit mircotopography associated with wind uprooted trees can dominate landscapes. Also, a low vegetation cover and a drier moisture status of the dune landscape in late fall and early winter may enhance further eolian transport (cf. Often the presence of snow and interstitial ice binds eolian particles to surfaces necessitating higher threshold shear velocities for transport (Barchyn and Hugenholtz, 2012; Ollerhead et al., 2013), though the sublimation rate may be an important factor in grain release (Vandijk and Law, 1995). The presence of snow ramparts and interstitial layers mostly composed of snow can enhance eolian accretion and dune movement (Koster and Dijkmans, 1988; Dijkmans and Mucher, 1989; Ruz and Allard, 1995). Late Quaternary water-level variations and vegetation history at Crooked Pond, southeastern Massachusetts.

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