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Drieger and his company, Buffalo Engineering Ltd., drew up the initial concepts of the new concrete grain elevator – to be built with large modular precast concrete pieces and clad with pre-finished metal panels.

Using pre-cast structural components would help the problem of maintaining a large work force and help reduce costs in building these grain elevators in remote locations.

The BSB elevators utilized an over-the-track bin system that filled with the grain (in layers) prior to being prepared for shipping.

On the second day, grain industry officials from Kansas, Chicago, Minneapolis, Winnipeg, Regina, and Edmonton were given a detailed tour and review of the complex. In 1980 Alberta Beton Limited and Buffalo Beton Limited was formed to assist with the process – Alberta Beton would build the elevators, and Buffalo Beton would market the elevators to other grain companies in western Canada.The dual vertical elevating ‘legs’ would include a double row of cups on each belt and the other pieces of equipment was designed to have a capacity of 5,000 bushels per hour (bph)!Five unloading spouts on the trackside were also added to speed up the loading of grain cars.Tickets can be purchased at the door ( per person, or per person for groups of 5 or more). The Board of Directors would like to invite the public to a special event this week Saturday… Our Victorian Prairie Christmas event is coming up mid-November!to celebrate the birthday of the Coutts-Sweetgrass International Train Station, which commenced operations in October 1890 for the Alberta Railway & Coal Company and Great Falls & Canada Railway. As we start to wind down tourist operations at the Galt Historic Railway Park for 2017, the Board of Directors would like to invite the public to two separate events this week Saturday.

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