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most guys cant be trusted with anal i feel as they often just want to ram it in so anal for me is with hubby only until i get lucky and find a guy who can ''do'' anal the nice way the way it should be..enjoyable"I've done both dp and dvp.I always feel weird about anal with a woman as I don't think many women really enjoy it and it just for the guys benefit which doesn't do it for me. im dammed if i would do something i did not enjoy ??Happy to go down that avenue again Well hope to be trying it on thurs eve with my fuckbuddy and an extra male.It will be her first time with two guys so will have to see how far we get lol.I was also taught how to serve drinks in the right order so that the tray would balance, and how to bend from the knee so that a customer wouldn’t get an eyeful of cleavage. I also had to spend an evening trying all the exotic food they served, such as oysters, caviar and frog’s legs, so that if a customer asked how they tasted, I could tell them.I didn’t always like it but, of course, told them it was delicious.

I think we will have a go at DVP with a vibrator and hopefully with a male friend one day."Thanks everyone for the definition.Mrs loves DVP never seen her so horny, but has been said before meeting the right guy is a big issue, with most not even managing to get to the point of arranging to meet, too many bearded short men who don't read profiles A few months ago tried DVP with a hotwife.She rode me cow girl, my width and length going deep and he slid in doggy ... On her face, her whole body shaking, collapsing on my chest as she panted it out. Both guys need to be gagging for it so they stay steel hard ... im dammed if i would do something i did not enjoy ??Been lucky enough to do it with a couple a few times. Really enjoyed it all though the logistics can be a pain.

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