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A wrap on the twink is that many think the world revolves around them.

Twunks are a more muscular version of twinks, and some have assigned feminine and masculine characteristics to twunks.

30-something, Australian-born actor Chris Hemsworth, based on his appearance in the movie In gay terms, twinks are younger, slim men with minimal body hair and no hair on the face.

They’re usually between 18 and the mid-20’s, give or take a few years.

Pups are known for their lack of experience in the gay world, as well as for being naïve, energetic and cute.

They may have similar body types to twinks (see end of article) however, pups usually are super new to the gay world whereas twinks are not.

Some make the mistake of confusing twinks and twunks with tweakers when they’re actually not related.

Characteristically, a bear is a large, possibly heavy gay man that could also be muscular.

A fairly large protruding belly is a defining characteristic of a bear.

These individuals are attracted romantically and physically to chubs and are typically much smaller than chubs.

A pup is a gay male who is fairly young—we’re talking late teens to early 20s more or less.

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