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Equation 4 represents a classic case of a ‘matched pairs’ experimental design (Galbraith, 2010).

By counting the spontaneous and induced tracks over exactly the same area, the age calculation reduces to a simple comparison of two Poisson-distributed variables ().

During the 1970s, the fission track community experimented with a number of alternative designs to turn induced track densities into (EDM), in which the induced tracks are recorded in a mica- (or plastic) detector attached to the polished grain mount during irradiation.

This detector is subsequently etched and counted separately (Fleischer and Hart, 1972; Hurford and Green, 1983; Hurford, 1990).

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This enables an explicit maximum likelihood formulation, which greatly simplifies all subsequent statistical analyses (Galbraith, 2005).

As a result, it is fair to say that the fission track method represents the gold standard among geochronometers in terms of statistical rigour.

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Samples failing this test are said to be ‘overdispersed’ and may be modelled using continuous or finite mixtures (Section 6).This limits the applicability of the method to young samples, and potentially compromises data quality in compositionally zoned crystals.The present paper addresses these issues by defining four different strategies towards LAFT dating, using either an absolute dating (Section 2) or a zeta calibration (Section 3) approach and using either a single or multiple laser spots per grain to account for uranium heterogeneity (Section 4). Welcome to the official website for the Insane Clown Posse. In a series of seminal papers published during the 1960s, Robert Fleischer, Paul B.

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