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The dual-carriageway through this part of leafy south-west London is a 40mph zone but Reynolds remembers the camera being set at 60mph. And the worst were pretty bad in what Reynolds described as a notorious accident spot.

In an eye-opening reminder of the casual attitude to speed limits back then, the trial camera on the Thames bridge recorded an astonishing 22,939 drivers exceeding 65mph in 22 days, Reynolds told the Richmond and Twickenham Times back in 1992.

“To do so at 32mph is ridiculous – and they wonder why there’s a backlash against speed cameras.” Prosecution numbers track the gatso’s journey from safety device to “scamera” in the eyes of many drivers.

In 2000, according to Home Office figures, just under 600,000 motorists were caught speeding by cameras in England and Wales.

Dent faces jail after she admitted sexual activity with a child and possession of an indecent images of a child at Chelmsford Crown Court yesterday.

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She was the adult, he was the child.'Sentencing was adjourned until September 26 for a psychological assessment to be carried out.

An NSPCC spokesman called for better education to help young people avoid malicious groomers on social media.

A traffic division sergeant with advanced photography skills, Reynolds was a natural choice to lead the development team comprised of Dutch camera maker Gatso, the government and Reynolds’s employer, the Metropolitan Police.

He went on to oversee a network of 750 cameras around London.

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